Staying in Paris, or in the Paris region you are...
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You’ve arrived in Paris for a few months and your new work doesn’t allow you to
enroll in a classical French course in a language school.

Your French coach will give an in-company course at your place of work:

To determine your level ( written and oral placement test )

To propose a tailor-made session adapted to your needs, your study-rhythm, your level and professional demands.

Work on your linguistic progress:

- vocabulary build -up

- phonetics

- verbs study

- levels of speech (standard, colloquial, literary)

- every day communication

To give a first-hand knowledge of French culture and civilization (different linguistic objectives build around different domains such as the Arts, gastronomy, wine, French company culture, etc. )

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Your coach/translator will assist you in your administrative tasks.

Specialists participating  in congresses or in meetings  

You wish to review your communication skills (syntax, vocabulary, levels of speech and your pronunciation to gain confidence while delivering a speech - your French language coach will travel to your hotel or your company, to help you be ready and effective when needed.

Foreign students  

You’re spending a few days or a few weeks in Paris and need tailor-made lessons. Your coach will help you to progress rapidly. He is there to: help you acquire a better knowledge of specific point according to your needs.

Tourist or spouse of executives, director posted in Paris  
You have the opportunity to spend a period of time in Paris but you lack assurance to communicate. You require
a few hours to refresh your knowledge so as to communicate with friends, do your shopping in Paris boutiques,
to keep in touch with French cultural or political life.

Béatrice - your french linguistic coach is there to assist you, make your stay easy and profitable.


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