Welcome to the Drupal experience web site

This is an exercise type website implemented in Drupal 6 CMS best viewed in Firefox 3.6+ type of browser. (My hosting company currently supports this Drupal version). It uses a generic theme template called framework: "...Framework is a blank canvas for theme developers..." http://drupal.org/project/framework

Framework has been customized with a new look & feel using css declarations and selected modules *.tpl.php overriding.This site also hosts JQuery related examples of HTML DOM changes.

Its features are:

  • Framework gives general placement and formatting to basic Drupal elements
  • Supports one, two, and three-column layouts with source ordering
  • Set to a 12 column grid of 960px
  • CSS file is highly organized, including a table of contents, section flags, alphabetical properties, etc.
  • Includes a CSS reset and a list of CSS utility classes
  • Em based text sizing with vertical rhythm
  • Clean and simplified code and file structure
  • Uses HTML 5 structural markup
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